Let Me Show You What I’ve Been Working On

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Have you ever been working so hard on something that you lost all sense of time and your surroundings? Then someone calls your name or touches your shoulder to get your attention and you feel snapped back to reality.

You look around in bewilderment through glassy eyes and say, “Huh”.

Well, that is how I feel today. As some of you noticed I have absent lately and missed a couple post dates. Let me tell you why.

Over the last several weeks I have been working hard to increase the abilities of Modern Inklings to increase the benefits to you. I have been so focused on developing, creating, and connecting that I lost track of the days. But, now that I have been shaken out of my tunneled focus, I’m looking around saying, ‘Huh? Oh, let me show you what I’ve been working on.’

First, I have launched a new website for Modern Inklings with a new look and feel and a bit of a streamlined layout.

On the new website, you will see a few additions to the Modern Inklings team. I have been loosely working with different people along the way who have served as an ad hoc team, but I wanted to develop things a little further and provide greater quality to the Modern Inklings audience. This group of guys are young leaders who offer high value in their prospective fields. Check out each one to see what they can offer you.

Along with the new Modern Inklings site and expanded team, I felt there was a need to develop a website dedicated to those I work with personally. So, I have launched my new site here to showcase the areas of expertise I operate in and how I can help leaders like you.

There are two final projects I have been working on; one I am going to tell you about in the coming weeks, but the other is the publishing of my book.

In April I finished writing my book, Millennial Leadership, and have been processing through the publishing steps. I recently received changes from my editor and have started working through those pieces. I do not have a launch date yet, but if you are interested in getting updates about the book as it moves down the pipeline, click here.

Well, now you are in the know with everything from Modern Inklings. Stuff is happening, creativity is flowing freely, and leaders are being developed. It is exciting, challenging, and fulfilling all at the same time, and I am thankful that you are on the journey with me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Dr. Brandon Pardekooper

Founder, Modern Inklings


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