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Why Goal Achievement is Life Changing

Turning Your Hopes and Dreams into a Reality

From the time we are little we have hopes and dreams that we long to see in our lives. Over time, life has a way of knocking us around a bit and we begin to temper our hopes and dreams because we don’t believe we will ever be able to live them out. For some of us, we need to let some of our hopes and dreams go. For instance, at 40 years old and 5’8, I have come to grips with the reality that I will probably never be able to dunk a basketball without a trampoline. So, with many tears and some counseling, I am letting that dream go. For you, though, there are hopes and dreams that you may have given up on that you need to reclaim, and Expedition Life is going to equip you to do just that.

Achieving goals carries quite a few benefits for us. For instance,

  1. Achieving goals gives you focus: When you achieve goals you feel accomplished and successful. This feeling causes you to focus on the areas of your life you are successful in and eliminate the areas you are simply spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.
  2. Achieving goals allow you to measure progress: By achieving goals you have the opportunity to see progress. No longer will you feel as though your efforts are being lost in the cosmos of busyness, but you will actually see the progress that you can measure and take note of. Best of all, you can reward yourself with tangible proof of achievement.
  3. Achieving goals keeps you locked in and undistracted: Goal achievement keeps us focused in the same way a list of tasks does. By having goals and chasing them with intentionality, we decrease the chances we are going to be pulled in random directions or fall into self-destructive behaviors.
  4. Achieving goals helps you overcome procrastination: As you pursue your goals and see success, you get a taste for goal achievement. You begin to get excited about seeing goals become realities, and you enjoy the lifestyle goal achievement creates for you. You stop putting off things you should do because you begin to enjoy doing them. As you take steps toward achieving your goals, you get excited about things you once dreaded.
  5. Achieving goals gives you motivation: This is a theme we see throughout the other four benefits mentioned above. but as you achieve goals and enjoy success your begin to climb the motivation ladder. You don’t have to dig as deep to get yourself moving because you are already geared toward action rather than inaction. You begin to be intrinsically motivated to achieve great things instead of waiting for an extrinsic motivation such as guilt, fear, or a desire to please others, which are all demotivating.

As you can see, achieving goals is a life-giving activity for us. This is why we focus on it in Level 1 of Expedition Life. In the pursuit of leading yourself, it is vital to be able to set a goal, pursue a goal, and achieve a goal. We want you to enjoy this success, which is why we give you tools on the Expedition. We want to increase your success rate because we believe the life you have always wanted lies on the other side of your goals being achieved.

Have an awesome rest of your day, and if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to connect, please feel free to send me an email: bpardekooper@moderninklings.com.

I will check in with you soon!

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