I Want to be a Pastor!

Over the last 10 years, I have spent a considerably high amount of my time trying to get ministry leaders hired into positions. Whether it is assisting on how to make their resume stand out, walking them through how to interview well, connecting open positions with people who are looking, or advising them how to walk through the package negotiations, I have been involved with over 300 ministry leaders over the years to help them see their dreams become a reality. In all that time, I have learned one consistent thing across the board…these are skills that are not commonly taught to aspiring ministry leaders.

Woman typing on compWhen I had the privilege of being part of a ministry leadership development program, we tried to teach different elements like these that would prepare our students for full-time ministry. As directors, we would often ask the question, “What do we wish we would have known and were never taught in Bible college or the internships we were part of?” What we discovered was that there are so many things that ministry leaders learn on the job that we could not be exhaustive in how we prepared our students. I think we did an amazing job and when I look at what our students are doing around the world for the Kingdom of God now, I feel pretty accomplished in the training we provided them. After a few years of walking this process through with so many ministry leaders, though, I have come to realize that though many ministry skills can be learned on the job, the one that can’t be learned on the job is how to actually get the job. Bible colleges and ministry training programs across the board overlook this vital step in the process, and I know many ministry leaders who are stuck where they are because they can’t navigate these waters well.

This brings me to today’s post. Over the next few weeks, depending on the level of interest, I am going to cover some practical skills and steps that need to be taken to get hired on staff at a local church. Now, for some, you may not be interested in being a church staff member, but many of the things I am going to cover will cross over into different sectors of the marketplace, so stay tuned to get as many takeaways as you can.

If you are stuck, or you know you have gaps in your understanding of how to land a ministry job, please fill out this simple form and let me know what topics you would like me to cover that will help you get into ministry and be effective where God is wanting to place you.

Check back next Wednesday for our first training! It will change your life!

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