Waiting Room Reflections

This morning started with a trip to the pediatrician, and as I sat in the waiting room I initially thought how odd of a start to my morning this was sitting there holding my sick 10 mo. old while watching my almost 4yr old sitting in a spider man chair and watching some show on the Disney channel playing Mozart over and over. He was engaged, I felt like I was hearing nails on a chalkboard (I have a thing with repetitive noises). That’s when I realized, this is my life…this is regular for me. Maybe not always running to the Dr. office, but the grocery store, the park, the pharmacy, the whatever. 
I am the Dad of two very young, very smart, and very active boys. I don’t know how they compare with me when I was their age, but they wear me out now that I am my age. They are both in constant motion and fight sleep as if they will become frozen in time if they give in. My almost four year old is so head strong and clever that disciplining him has graduated from checkers to chess, and I feel as though he is winning most of the time. 

I have had the privilege of doing some amazing things in mylife and career, but I don’t think anything has worn me out as much as these two boys. But I do know nothing is as fulfilling as raising them. When I see the wonder in their eyes, or when they show me something that amazes them, or they come running to me when they are mad, scared, hurt, or lonely. I scoop them up and hug them long and deep. They are my boys, in all their challenges and frustrations, they are life and joy and wonder. 

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