Tell Me About Your Frustrations

Millennials are the largest generation in the world, and they are not running the world quite yet, but they are poised to…and many of them think they are already.

Millennials are full of life, creativity, and bring so much to the table that the world needs, but right now they are also bringing a lot of frustration. Recently, I was in conversations with several top-level leaders who are in the position of hiring many Millennials, however, they are finding themselves frustrated with the generational nuances Millennials bring to the table.

I believe Millennials are going to change the world, and have a greater impact than even their idealistic minds can imagine. The question is, will they change the world because of their reaction to the frustration others have with them, or will it be because they are building off of what has come before them?

I want to help Millennials be successful. Help them navigate the challenges they are bound to face, build relationships that will help them be successful, and learn from those they classify as “old”.

Please help me do that by clicking on the link and answering this simple question:

What is your biggest struggle working with Millennials?

Can’t wait to get your feedback!

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