What Information is Truly Important?

The important information is the information that is remembered (Block, 2011). Or, the important information is what is measured (Eden & Ackermann, 2011). Or what is important is what gets done (Ijaz et al., 2012). Depending on the leadership guru being consulted, there are a variety of answers one may receive. It may seem hard to weed through the noise to understand, as a ministry leader, which is correct. Many ministry leaders are doers be nature, and don’t naturally draw toward measurements and data because it is not their fortè. The problem may not be determining the right answer, but in changing the mindset in which the question is asked.

The question as to what is important is more of a philosophical question ministry leaders must come into alignment with. Without much debate, most ministry leaders would agree that the most important thing is reaching those who are outside a relationship with Jesus. This is a fixed point created outside of emotion, preference, or trend. This is the answer to the question, and then how each ministry chooses to accomplish this command then identifies what is secondary to reaching those outside of a relationship with Jesus. From there, ministry leaders need to determine how to compel disciples to remember this is the most important thing over what is demanding their attention each day. Ministry leaders must find ways to measure the success the Great Commission is being achieved to insure it is being done. All leaders, not just ministry leaders, seek out what is important as a fixed point in alignment with their vision and mission. As a consultant, my role is to assist in determining if the measured, completed, and remembered tasks are accomplishing the important purpose of an organization’s existence.


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