Narrate My Future

An individual’s day consists of constant inundation of information from media outlets, social media, conversations, family relationships, and work environments. So, in the conversation regarding global foresight, scenario planning, and data analysis, it is same to assume that employees may not have the mental capacity or the actual time to fully consider the information that is placed before them. As leaders, it is important to allow employees the necessary time to think through data and consider all possible angles.

For leaders who have adopted a transformational approach to leadership, they become very aware of the people’s fluctuating capacity and constant ability to properly process information. Transformational leaders provide a supportive climate where the individual needs of employees are considered (Northouse, 2013). For this reason, in order to ensure employees take time to think through the necessary information they receive and are responsible for, transformational leaders to be sure to provide space within the work day that employees can be properly briefed, trained, or even allowed to practice implementing the data before it is an absolute necessity.

This is also another reason why scenarios are such a powerful tool. Because scenarios use a narrative format, employees assimilate the information more quickly and due to the multiple views used, the qualitative change possibilities presented, and the practical examples narratives provide, employees are better equipped for success at an accelerated pace (Brummel & MacGillivray, n.d.).


Brummel, A., & MacGillivray, G. (n.d.). Introduction to Scenarios. Scenarios to Strategy, pp. 3–5.

Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership: theory and practice (6th ed). Thousand Oaks: SAGE.

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