Leadership Can Help a Hurting World

Our world is hurting. There’s no other way to see the collective existence of mankind worldwide. From terrorism to natural disasters, food shortage to racial tensions, oppression to widespread poverty, mankind is hurting. Impressive advances in technology create a shiny gloss to keep the masses mesmerized instead of seeing the depths of struggle a large percentage of the world lives in every day. What is needed is an increase in leadership acumen worldwide. Through effective leadership change is not only possible but is probable. Leaders provide the opportunity for people to go places they have never been before and experience a reality they have never thought possible (Kouzes and Posner, 2012). Democratic nations elect leaders they believe will bring change for a better life, and it is the hope of every individual that the leadership appointed over them will provide hope and change. Change is the province of leaders (Kouzes and Posner, 2012), at least it should be. Unfortunately, too many people in positions of leadership fail to bring hope and change but instead seek out opportunities to advance their own careers and hold their positions of power as long as possible.

This is why democratizing leadership is the answer to a better life for people around the world. Leadership development is primarily available to those who are already in positions of leadership and who have the financial means to afford the training, however, they are failing the people (Van Velsor et al., 2010). If leadership development is in the hands of the broader populace, and the leadership acumen rises, people will be inspired to do things differently, to rise against the struggles they face, and to persevere toward a better future (Kouzes and Posner, 2012). We must empower the people with leadership for change.


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