Social Market a Community

In the last 10 years, marketing has taken an entirely new form, causing consultants to rethink how they approach getting their message and services to prospective clients. Organizations are finding they have to navigate successive waves of new technologies, market shifts, and bold ideas that are forcing them to be agiler in their problem solving; this is where consultants fit in (Levinson et al., 2007). Consultants need to find ways to cut through the noise organizations are exposed to and show they are the answer to implementing complex strategies to keep up with changes and embark on new ventures (Levinson et al., 2007). No longer are consultants looking to win bids on projects, they are looking to build relationships with those they can serve (Levinson et al., 2007).

The entrance of social media has been a powerful tool for marketing because it can go beyond product pushing, and is instrumental in building a community of followers. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, and YouTube have provided consultants with tools to build a community of followers that learn to trust the consultant. Consultants who take the time to craft their value proposition in a succinct way for target audiences (McKnight, 2009), can attract potential clients through the use of these platforms. Through the use of videos, quick messages, and attractive marketing images, consultants are able to provide value to customers for free, to build trust, and show quality service while the potential clients remain anonymous and commitment free. As consultants build a community that trusts them, looks to them for answers, and even relies on them, the project opportunities will begin to come in because of the unique brand the consultant has created with its followers.

Which platform do you see as the most useful for consultant marketing?


Levinson, J. C., Levinson, J., & Levinson, A. (2007). Guerrilla marketing: easy and inexpensive strategies for making big profits from your small business (4th ed., Completely updated and expanded ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

McKnight, W. (2009). 90 days to success in consulting. Australia ; Boston, MA: Course Technology Cengage Learning.

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