Consulting for Culture Change

When a consultant enters into a relationship with a client, the focus is on the culmination of change. The challenge is that many churches are not prone to change, nor have they developed their flexibility with change. It would seem the easy answer would be not hiring a consultant to assist in navigating current challenges, however, this may be a costly opportunity missed. A consultant has the ability to offer an independent point-of-view, or an outlook, that is not effected by being a part of the culture (Block, 2011). Many ministry leaders are so entrenched in their day-to-day challenges, that it is very difficult for them to get a fully objective perspective to lead from. Consultants provide the ability to see circumstances objectively and provide a clearer point-of-view allowing ministry leaders to see things in a new way (Block, 2011). Consultants are also able to be representatives for ministry leaders, adding the weight of expertise along with objectivity of an outside perspective, to motivate staff and congregation members towards change (Block, 2011).

Consultants also provide ministry leaders with the tools to change the internal culture in order to better reach the market culture. Culture is a pattern of basic assumptions learned by a group to adapt to circumstances and integrate with others in order to belong (Schein, 2010), unfortunately the internal culture of many ministries are irrelevant to the culture they are trying to minister to (Kinnaman, 2016). A consultant would be able to provide ministry leaders with the ability to strategically change the culture necessary for reaching the community they are in by modeling the desired change at the top to set the example to be followed (Block, 2011).


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