The Need for Christian Leaders

As the world is continually developing and getting more complex, the need for Christian leadership is diminishing and growing at the same time. In the past, Christian leaders provided spiritual guidance for the community they served, as well as a myriad of other needs. Essentially, they filled gaps of the community not being adequately filled by competent individuals. (Nouwen, 1992, p. 33) Today, adequate individuals such as doctors, counselors, politicians, and other professionals who are trained to meet the needs of the people are filling those gaps. (Nouwen, 1992, p. 33) Christian leaders are no longer needed to cover such gaps, but it doesn’t mean they are not needed.

Individuals are inundated with relentlessly disruptive technology (Bennis, 1999, p. 71) bringing an overload of information at a breakneck pace many struggle to keep up with. People no longer face the dilemma of finding competent individuals who will meet their needs; there is desperation for peace, solace, and meaning to the chaos of life. This is the gap Christian leaders must fill. Christian leaders must focus on the discipline of dwelling in the presence of the one who keeps asking, “Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me? (Nouwen, 1992, p. 42) In Jesus’ final hours on this earth, that was his concern with Peter who became a pillar for Christian leaders. (John 21: 15-17) Christian leaders of today need to know the heart of God. (Nouwen, 1992, p. 380) Christian leaders must progress from trying to fill gaps already filled by more competent individuals, and fill the gap they are competent in filling: knowing the heart of God. There isn’t a need to change for the sake of change, to become trendy or relevant; change must be for the better. (Lewis, 2001, p. 13)


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