Living Among Kindred Spirits


Billions. Billions. That’s how many people are on this earth. That’s how many people you share this space with every day. Billions. What are the chances of you running into this person or that person? What are the odds? Beyond what I can imagine. So, the people we do end up running into, building relationships with, being close to, loving…what are the odds? We share life with so many people at so many different points in our lives, that the odds of running into anyone in particular are beyond count.

There is the girl next door you played dollies with, the little boy down the street that you learned to play baseball with, that first crush across the second grade classroom. Then came the first group of friends you had in middle school who you explored your expanding world with, followed by your high school friends where everyone learned life was a lot bigger than ever thought. Your college friends walked you through some tough times while also sharing some of the greatest times, and, unlike your high school friends, they really are life long friends. Later down the road you have your spouse and their friends, then your shared friends, then your kids’ friends, your work friends, your fair weather friends, and finally your retirement friends. In our lives, we have lots of people we are connected with out of the billions we share this space with. Some come and go…some we stay connected with for a lifetime…but then there are a select few that transcend everything.

Somewhere in the midst of all the people we come into contact with, we sometimes stumble upon an individual who stirs us, that moves us, and connects with us in a way we never expected. It doesn’t happen often, and it is when we least expect it, but there are moments when we are living life and meeting one of the thousands of people we are destined to cross paths with, and it hits us. There is a unique connection; not something you can place your finger on; not something you can quantify; not something you can really explain. But it is there, like a magnet drawing you toward one another in thought, action, philosophy, and understanding. It is then, in those moments, that you know, you are living among kindred spirits.

Living among kindred spirits is the best way to live this life. When spending time with such people, life seems to move slower, moments seem to me more enjoyable, and there seems to be more meaning behind the things that you do. It is as if you are living life among your very own Dream Team, and regardless of what may come, as long as you stick together, you can do anything.

These are the relationships we all long for…kindred spirit relationships…but have no control over who it is or when it happens. I have always believed it is the sovereignty of God that determines these moments. The trap for us is trying to manufacture these relationships, making them forced, difficult, and seldom work the way we envision them happening. Kindred spirits attract each other by their very nature, and this can’t be manufactured. For some, you may have one or two people in your life, for others you may have 10 or 12. The key is to hang onto them!

I have had the privilege of sharing a kindred spirit with a handful of people. College friends, mentors, ministry friends, and a couple that I have had the privilege of mentoring. These people give me energy when I am around them. They make me feel as though I can do anything, and as if I am in the presence of God just by being around them. They inspire me, they challenge my heart, they love me no matter what, and they have patience beyond anything I can ask for. At times they have spent New Years Eve in below freezing weather just so we could be together, moved to DC to work alongside me, believed in me enough to take a chance on me, loved me despite my flaws and imperfections, or simply brought me a a small gift when I was having a bad day. This handful of people are the ones that remind me life is worth living when it doesn’t feel like it is…they are the ones who stand beside me when everyone else has walked out on me…they are the ones who cheer the loudest when things are going well…and they are the ones who believe in my best even when I don’t.

Kindred spirits…we all long for them, none of us can create them, so we must trust in God for them. My advice…keep your eyes open. Don’t allow work, accolades, petty situations, or pride come in between you and those close to you. Relationships you cast away with little regard could very well be the kindred spirit you were looking for. When you have the opportunity to find someone with a spirit like yours, someone that just seems to click with you, that you can’t imagine life without…do whatever you must to keep them. Geography may get in the way, job responsibilities may create obstacles, family dynamics may make things difficult, but find a way to hang onto them. Because we only pass through this life once, and passing through with men and women who share kindred spirits with us makes this life so much more rewarding.

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